The following Conditions for the use of Hyde Park Gardens have been agreed by the elected Garden Committee on the 4th June 2014.

The garden is part of the Hyde Park Estate management scheme set up by the Church Commissioners in 1995. It is therefore a separately managed property from the houses known as Hyde Park Gardens. Certain owners of leases of the properties have right of access and bear a proportion of the costs of the garden.

The Church Commissioners have devolved day to day management of the Garden to an elected committee of qualified lessees. It is their duty to manage the garden, set and control costs, and arrange for the collection of the garden rate.

It is the Committee’s policy to manage with a light hand and a minimum of regulations, depending on the good sense, consideration, and neighbourly sensitivity of the residents. It is logical, however, to have basic rules.


  • The double gate at Brook Street is for use by Garden Associates our contract gardeners who are employed to care for and maintain the gardens. They are in attendance every week. This gate is also, by arrangement only, for use by contractors working on the building. All access of contractors into the garden will be controlled by Westbourne Block Management the Garden Managing Agent, who will be responsible for granting them access usually via the gate at Clarendon Place, monitoring their behaviour and ensuring their adherence to the garden rules. Residents are not to give their contractors resident’s fob keys or allow third parties access to the garden unless accompanied by a resident. For the avoidance of doubt the garden tip is for garden refuse only and not to be used to dump domestic waste or builders’ rubbish.

The gate at Clarendon Place is the normal access point for residents and fob keys are available for those who qualify at a cost of £20 each.


  • It was the Church Commissioners’ wish to ban all dogs from the garden. However, the Committee is prepared to vary this on the condition that dog owners observe the following. Only dogs of residents are allowed in the garden on a regular basis and they must always be accompanied by their owner /keeper and under control or on a lead. Any mess is to be picked up at once by the owners and put in the bins provided for this purpose. Should owners ignore this, the Committee reserves the right to bill the owners with the gardeners’ charge for cleaning the mess or delete their fob key.


The gardens are wonderful for children, and are secure and with magical woodland paths. However, parents are asked to enforce the following rules and be present to ensure they are adhered to:

  • No ball games because of damage to the plants as we have some very rare specimens that need care;
  • No tree climbing;
  • No litter, including paddling pools, toys, bikes, bottles and cigarette butts to be left in the garden after play;
  • Bouncy castles to be removed asap;


  • Prior Permission must be obtained from the Committee, who will grant this on the understanding that the event be reasonable and private, and not corporate. An agreement must be made with immediate neighbours. All parties and music must end prior to 11pm. Security and Insurance would be the responsibility of the tenant, and gates must be attended or shut. There is to be no damage to the lawn or plants and the area used must be left clean and free of any litter. please click here for a copy of the party rules and registration form.


If you are considering undertaking works to your property that require your contractors to need access via the garden then please click here.